Auto-massage of the face
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Auto-massage of the face

Auto-massage of the face has quickly become a must for beauty addicts, but its benefits and virtues are sometimes unclear. If you want to know everything about this technique stay because this week Cultiv deciphers self-massage for you!

1- What is auto-massage? 
2- The benefits of auto-massage ? 
3- How does it works ? 
4- How do you perform an auto-massage ? 
5- Tools
6- The recommandation signed by Cultiv


Auto-massage of the face is a gentle technique that will aim to relax and work the muscles of the face gently while eliminating toxins. It is important to know that for each type of face there are specific self-massage gestures.

Moreover, this practice can also be used to shape the face to attenuate or on the contrary to accentuate certain features such as accentuating one's jaw line or diminishing one's small double chin if desired.


We have already mentioned them in the previous paragraph, but auto-massage is a technique with numerous and varied benefits! To name just a few, this gentle practice helps to :

- Fade wrinkles and fine lines on the face

- Detoxify the tissues which goes hand in hand with the radiance of your skin, a detoxified skin is a skin that glows

- Improve blood circulation

- Boost collagen and elastin production

- Reduce under eye bags

- Tightens neck and facial muscles

- Define facial features... and much more


Auto-massage works through repetition, practicing this technique every day will allow you to work the muscles of the face because even if it is an area where there are many muscles (about 40) they are not really stimulated. Thus, practicing auto-massage will allow you to activate these muscles so that they become more resistant, just like when you go to do a sports session!

This work will also stimulate the cells that make up the layers of the dermis, such as elastin and collagen cells, which will be "awakened" by the massage gestures and will therefore produce more collagen and elastin. As a reminder, collagen and elastin cells are fibrous cells that make up the dermis (second layer of the skin).

Thanks to them, the face is plump and elastic it is not hollowed out and the skin quickly or even immediately returns to its normal appearance when the muscles contract, such as when we frown or smile.


Nothing could be simpler, you just need an oily product such as jojoba oil or the SUBLIM-BOOST serum from Cultiv. By using a fatty substance adapted to your skin you can combine the effects of auto-massage and cosmetic products, not bad, right?

The most important thing to remember is that no matter what technique you use, you should always start from the bottom of your face (neck) and work your way up so as not to accentuate the "gravity effect" that tends to pull all the features downward and from the inside out. Once your face is clean and your oil gently placed on your face you can get started!


Auto-massage of the face is a technique that doesn't necessarily require tools, but you may decide to crack on. You will find on the market several accessories such as Gua Sha, precious stone or semi-precious rollers or massage cups depending on whether you want to perform a more or less deep massage.

If you want to work on the muscular tensions and the dermis, we advise you to go for the Gua Sha, on the contrary if you prefer to work more on the surface of the epidermis (such as the bags and / or dark circles) you can opt for the Jade stone roller. As we are nice at Cultiv, we put here a site on which you can find great tools to realize your self-massage, no need to thank us, it makes us happy. ?

Whether using your hands or a tool, the primary element of this technique and REGULARITY. It is a process that must be done daily while maintaining the same gestures in order to obtain successful results. We can recommend that you do this in the evening because it is at night that the skin regenerates and we often have more time to devote to it. A good self-massage lasts about 10 minutes and each gesture must be repeated 3 to 5 times!


If you have acne-prone, combination or oily skin, we recommend using a sebum-regulating oil like jojoba oil! It will allow you to relax for a few minutes while taking care not to give your skin too much nutrition!