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hydratants et protecteurs, adaptés à tous les types de peaux

Prenez soin de votre peau avec des soins BIO

- Hydratation intense longue durée
- Protection intégrale contre les pollutions
- Bouclier antioxydant


Peaux sèches à mixtes

Une peau ressourcée,
rebondie et éclatante.

Hydratation intense & longue durée
Protection contre le stress oxydant


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nos gummies BIO

Faites le plein d'antioxydants naturels pour protéger votre peau

Je découvre les gummies

des effets néfastes des UVA

- Renforce les défenses antioxydantes

- Améliore la photoprotection

- Piège les radicaux libres

Certified ORGANIC Vegan 99% Naturals  Made in France Proven efficiency Cleans Moisturizing Antioxidants

Certified ORGANIC Vegan 99% Naturals  Made in France Proven efficiency Cleans Moisturizing Antioxidants

Daily skincare and supplements to hydrate and protect against external aggressions, in in&out.

Hydrate products review

Our French vegetables contain concentrations of powerful acive ingredients.

Our French vegetables, concentrated in powerful active ingredients.

Healthy, efficient and sensory products. What else ?

Why should we chose between hydrattion and protection, to fight against daily aggressions. This is why our cosmetics and food supplements provide both hydratation and protection by using targeted active ingredients from French vegetables.

Our promise ? 9 essentials for a hydrateted skin all day long and a glowing complexion.

Our products have been developed to suit all skin types. For the more sensitive skin, we have specifically formulated our face cream without fragrance and without any allergens to ensure high tolerance.
This term refers to harmful impact of free radicals, the daily waste caused by cells, accumulating in skin tissue. Daily aggressions on the skin (pollution, food, tobacco, etc.) lead to an overproduction of free radicals your body cannot eliminate. These free radicals will then oxidize the essential elements of cells (DNA, proteins, lipids). Result? Ageing signs intensify: the skin loses its radiance and elasticity and wrinkles proliferate.
We have developed a range of products to protect skin against the harmful effects of blue light, by combining active ingredients found in plants such as melon SOD or spinach lutein, for their antioxidant effectiveness against free radicals or external aggressions including blue light. To prove this, we have carried out many tests with independent laboratories.
Our products do not contain UV filters but they do contain antioxidant vegetable active ingredients that trap free radicals produced by blue light. Our clinical tests prove the effectiveness of the antioxidant properties in our products, that protect your skin against the harmful effects of blue light responsible for skin ageing, that are similar to effects of UV light on your skin.
All our ingredients have been carefully chosen to be "clean" formulas therefore more transparent, more natural, more environmentally friendly, to create more effective and sensory products. Our cosmetics do not contain silicones, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, dyes or synthetic flavours. Our food supplements do not contain GMOs, pesticides and chemical treatments, dyes or chemical flavours. All our products are also organic certified.
Dehydrated skin lacks radiance and sometimes results in an uncomfortable feeling of tightness and small fine lines sometimes appear. Dehydrated skin as the name suggests is thirsty. This loss of hydration is often caused by external factors such as the cold, blue light, pollution ... causing a significant loss of water. The hydrolipidic film on the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) acts as a natural shield. If this natural barrier is altered, the water present in the deeper layers of the skin can no longer circulate to the epidermis. It can therefore no longer play its role and the skin tissue ends up being dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is a temporary problem that can be improved with proper care.
Our products provide a solution to any type of skin and even those that experience the first signs of skin ageing. They are all moisturizing and antioxidant and therefore effective against accelerated skin ageing of the skin.  All products have been clinically tested with an independent laboratory to prove their effectiveness.
We recommend starting with a mask to remove all impurities that make the complexion dull and to provide a good dose of moisturizing and antioxidant agents that will ensure smoother and more radiant skin. Then, you should pursue a daily routine of In&Out to ensure lasting skin radiance. The serum also acts as a booster of radiance and hydration so this product should be applied morning and evening for 1 month minimum.
We use an independant laboratory for the organization and monitoring of all our efficacy tests for the entire product range. Our tests are performed on user panels of different ages and skin types with measuring tools such as corneometry performed by a dermatologist or on skin explant. Our objectivity is therefore maximum.
Most of our products are fragrance-free and therefore without sensory constraints. The serum has a natural fragrance based on citrus fruits that contains potential allergens harmless to most people’s skin, only the most sensitive skin can potentially have a reaction. Both the hand cream and body milk contain a very sweet and allergen-free floral natural scent.
We have chosen to offer you the same action so the same active ingredients and same dosages in 2 different galenic forms to please the gourmands and those in a hurry. The capsule is 100% vegetable and is to be taken with a large glass of water. The gummie is like a regular gum that combines the pleasure of the candy with the effectiveness of the dietary supplement. 100% vegetable also, it has glucose and is therefore not recommended for people who have a specific diet. The effectiveness is identical so you can switch between the two . 
We recommend doing a 3-month cure several times a year. It takes 2 months minimum to have effective results beacause the supplements act in the long term. Making the cure last 2 times 28 days, that is to say 2 cell cycles in a row, allows to trigger the "cellular memory": part of the benefits will last after finishing the cure.
The cure of capsules or gummies is a daily beauty routine that we recommend to do several times and at any time of the year.
Both products remove make-up and clean the face, eyes and lips perfectly. Micellar water is a lotion that is more often suitable for combination to oily skin while cleansing milk has a creamy texture that is more suitable for sensitive and reactive skin. These two make-up removers are fragrance-free.  
It is the first step to apply to clean skin before any cream so that its active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin. The serum is very concentrated in active ingredients, it reactivates the natural hydration of the skin, protects it from oxidative stress, and ensures radiance. It acts as a powerful moisturizer and antioxidant .