Organic certified micellar water

Cleanses and removes makeup without stinging
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Cleanses and removes make-up while respecting the skin
Lips, eyes and mouth

Beetroot to hydrate | Chicory Chicory to soften

Great for normal to combination skin, it deeply cleanses the skin without drying it out. Its water-like texture offers a gentle make-up removal, stimulates sensations of tightness.

The skin is clean, bright, and supple.

Fragrance-free - Non-waterproof

guaranteed efficiency

All about our micellar water

Our micellar water is a real treat for your skin. Its clean formula is both efficient and hydrating.

This product will appeal to micellar water lovers and convince skeptical ones with its soft finish.
Time to bet !

The skin is cleansed and feels super soft.

What inside ?

Hydrating vegetable extracts and ultra cleansing active ingredients to respect your skin

Les légumes français contenus dans le produit
The famous INCI list

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