copy of SUBLIM samples

    copy of SUBLIM samples
      Made in France
      copy of SUBLIM samples

      Discover our certified organic SUBLIM anti-aging range in sample format. Care products enriched with 100% French cereals, their melting textures and enchanting fragrances take care of all skin types from the age of 30. -23% of wrinkles.

      You can discover Cultiv and its formulas with this sample kit!

      What does this kit contain?

      - SUBLIM-LIFT beauty gummies
      - SUBLIM-BOOST Serum (2ml)
      - SUBLIM-PROTECT face cream (2ml)

      Thanks to this kit you will be able to test our products over 2 days.

      Discover Cultiv at a mini price. Are you convinced by the products? Use the promo code on your card to get your kit refunded on your next order.

      SUBLIM, the range for a toned skin from 30 years old.

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