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What is the in&out Ritual ?

To simplify your beauty routine, we are offering a bimonthly subscription called "Ritual in&out". The principle is simple: every two months you receive 1 product OUT + 2 products IN, at home or at a collection point.

The products available are the essential products: serum, face cream, gummies and capsules.

What are the advantages of the IN & OUT ritual ?
  1. -10% off RRP
  2. Free delivery at home or to a designated collection point
  3. Once the subscription is active, everything is automated. You receive an email so that you can track the delivery of your products.
  4. Contents of the box can be changed up to 10 days before delivery

So, ready to take the plunge ?

How to unsubscribe from the IN&OUT Ritual ?

You have the option to unsubscribe from the Ritual in&out after the second delivery.
To unsubscribe it's very simple :

  1. Log in to your account by clicking on the ‘man’ icon at the top right of the home page.
  2. Once inside the "Ritual in&out" section
  3. Click on "Cancel subscription" and then confirm your choice

That's it. To help us improve our services, we would love to hear your feedback : give your feedback. Of course, once you unsubscribed, you still can order products on our website.

PS: If you want to change the products or your delivery address, no need to cancel your subscription. Just update your changes in the "Ritual in&out" section.

Compléments alimentaires

Why take dietary supplements ? Isn't food enough ?

Because beautiful skin is nourished from the inside, it is important to supplement so that our skin is the best it can be.

Our diet covers the majority of our needs in minerals and other molecules necessary for the proper functioning of our organism, and therefore of our skin. Nevertheless, our lifestyle and the quality of our environment are far from perfect (too rich or not very diversified diet, air and soil pollution etc.), which directly impacts the ability of our body to function well.

In addition, our diet has not evolved to cope with our new habits such as spending hours every day scrutinizing screens. By increasing the intake of antioxidants, we provide the necessary dose for our cells to be able to protect themselves from external aggressions, including blue light.

What does AB (Agriculture Biologique) mean ?

AB, or Agriculture Biologique, is the French organic label for food and food supplements. It corresponds to European requirements in terms of organic farming.
is the French organic label for food and food supplements. It corresponds to European requirements in terms of organic farming.

The specifications 
A product is considered organic, only if it is an agricultural product or a food from organic farming and meets the requirements of European legislation :

  • No use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides, fertilizers, weed killers...)
  • No use of GMOs
  • Respect for animal welfare
  • For processed products, at least 95% of the ingredients need to be derived from organic farming.

We go even further

  • 100% of natural origin (except the exterior wrap of the capsules)
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% recyclable and gummies container is 100% recycled plastic. No outer packaging.

Do they contain allergens ?

Our gummies and capsules can have traces of fish, crustaceans and molluscs because they contain an extract of ascophyllum, an algae grown in France.

Do dietary supplements taste like vegetables ?

*Drum roll please*

No ! Our capsules have no taste, while our gummies have a delicious natural aroma of blackcurrant. That is why they are irresistible.

Can you mix capsules and gummies ?

Once you have finished your regime of capsules, it is possible to follow up with a regime of gummies. Or vice versa.
However, we do not recommend changing the regime from one day to the next because you may lose track.

Why do gummies contain glucose syrup ?

Glucose syrup is a key texture agent that we need to include for it to be a pleasant texture for chewing. We continue to work with our R&D on other alternatives.

Do the gummies contain a lot of calories ?

They provide only 9 calories each, which means 18 per day.

Mon compte

How do I create an account ?

It's very easy,

  1. Go to our website cultiv-cosmetique.fr
  2. Click on "Create your account", the little ‘man’ icon at the top right of the home page.
  3. Click on "No account ? Create it in a few steps".
  4. Fill in your personal information. Do not forget to mention your skin type and accept the Terms and Conditions and legal notices. You can also subscribe to the Cultiv Newsletter.

How do I change my personal information ?

You can make changes at any time in your account section.

  1. Log in to your account by clicking on "Log in", the ‘man’ icon at the top right of the home page.
  2. Once logged in, go to the "Personal information" section.
  3. Make the changes and then click "Save".

Please note that these changes will not be taken into account for current orders.

I have forgotten my password ! What can I do ?

No need to panic! Go to the password reset page :réinitialisation de mot de passe :

  1. Fill in the email address with which you created your account.
  2. Click on the link you receive by email. (Check your Spam Box !)
  3. Update your password. (And write it down somewhere so you don't forget it anymore)

Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any issues : contact.

How do I delete my account ?

If you wish to delete your account, we invite you to make a request via our contact form. We would love to hear why, so we can continue to improve our services.

PS: If your email address is no longer valid or you have moved, just change this data in the "Personal information" section.

PS bis: If you want to delete your account because you receive too many emails from us, please note that you just have to unsubscribe from the newsletter. To do so go to the "Personal information" section, unselect the "Newsletter" box and save the changes.
Emails relating to the tracking of your orders or changes to your personal data will continue to be sent.

Why create an account ?

- It is mandatory to have a customer account to order our products online or to subscribe to the In&Out Ritual.
- Your personal information (delivery address, billing, email, telephone, skin type) is saved. No need to fill in all this information when placing an order.
- You can manage your orders and view your purchase history at any time.
- You will receive small tokens of appreciation.


Do the products smell of vegetable ?

Don't panic! We thought hard about the experience associated with the use of our products, so no they don’t smell of vegetables.
The serum contains a light citrus fragrance, the micellar water smells of sweet orange, while the cleansing milk and face cream have a neutral smell.

The INCI list of cosmetics is quite long – are all ingredients really necessary ?

Chaque ingrédient répond à une seule chose : obtenir un produit efficace, sensoriel et bon pour la peau. Chaque ingrédient a été soigneusement choisi pour remplir cet objectif. De longues listes INCI ne signifient pas que nos formules sont moins "clean" que des formules minimalistes ! Un soin contenant même une trentaine d'actifs peut également être clean, à condition que ces ingrédients aient été intelligemment choisis et justement dosés.

Il n'y a donc pas d'ingrédient superflu dans nos produits. La preuve : la chicorée n'apporte aucun bénéfice pour la peau par ingestion, c'est pourquoi nous avons décidé de ne pas l'intégrer dans nos compléments alimentaires. L'épinard n'est pas non plus présent dans les compléments alimentaires car nous ne sommes pas encore parvenu à formuler un extrait suffisamment concentré pour être efficace par ingestion (mais on y travaille !).

What is the COSMOS ORGANIC label ?

This is the new European organic certification for cosmetics. All our cosmetics are COSMOS ORGANIC certified by the independent certifying body Ecocert.

The specifications :
- 95% minimum of natural ingredients
- At least 20% of organic ingredients are present in the formula in total (10% for wash off products)

To know: Water, a major component of cosmetics formulas, is not considered 'organic', this implies a dilution of the proportion of organic ingredients on the total of the product formula.

Guarantees :
- Production and processing processes that respect the environment and human health
- Development of the concept of green chemistry
- Responsible use of natural resources
- Respect for biodiversity
- Absence of petrochemical ingredient (excluding preservatives allowed): parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic dyes
- Absence of GMOs
- Recyclable packaging

We go even further :
- 100% vegan
- 99.4% minimum natural ingredients
- 61% minimum of ingredients of French origin
- 50% to 100% recycled plastic and no outer packaging

Il y a t-il des contres-indications à l'utilisation de vos produits ?

Nos produits sont formulés pour être tolérés par le plus grand nombre dans la mesure où la posologie (pour les produits cosmétiques) et les doses quotidiennes (pour les compléments alimentaire)sont respectées . 

Ainsi, ils conviennent en principe aux femmes enceintes ou allaitantes.

Les compléments alimentaires sont compatibles avec un régime végan. Ils ne doivent pas se substituer à une alimentation variée et équilibrée et à un mode de vie sain. Ils sont déconseillés pour les enfants de moins de 12 ans.

Les gummies contiennent du sirop de glucose. Ils peuvent donc être contre indiqués dans des pathologie de type diabète.

Le sérum visage contient du limonene et du citral, un allergène contenu dans de nombreuses huiles essentielles (écorces d'agrume). Ils sont inoffensifs pour la très grande majorité des peaux, seules les peaux les plus réactives peuvent présenter des symptômes. 

Ces informations ne peuvent en aucun cas se substituer à un avis médical. En cas de doute, nous vous recommandons fortement de demander l'avis d'un professionnel de santé.

En cas de réaction indésirable, n'hésitez pas à contacter notre service client.

Do the products contain preservatives ?

Yes. Preservatives are essential as soon as there is water in a product because who says water, says life, ie fungi, bacteria and mold.
To ensure the proper preservation of our products during their use, we use preservatives authorized by the Cosmos Organic charter and always in minimal quantities.

For more information, see the product pages.

Are the products comedogenic ?

It is quite a complex subject. Our cosmetics have been developed so as not to clog the pores of the skin.
However, in interaction with other products, they can become comedogenic. If this occurs, it is important to look at your entire routine and exclude your products one by one in order to identify the ones that might cause the issue.


Where are Cultiv products made ?

The vegetables are harvested in France and then transformed into extracts full of powerful active ingredients for the skin, before being sent to our manufacturing laboratories located in the Cosmetics Valley, in the Pays de la Loire and Grand Est regions.
The packaging is manufactured in France and Europe (Spain, Germany, UK) and then transported to our laboratories.
Finally, our products are stored on a platform in Ile de France. That's our made in France !

Where do the vegetables used in the products come from ?

We only work with French farmers that practice organic farming. The beetroot for instance comes from a cooperative in Charente.

Are vegetables really beneficial to the skin ?

Each plant has been carefully chosen for their active ingredients and we have developed concentrated extracts, so that they provide real benefits to the skin. There are therefore no superfluous ingredients in our products.

Two examples :

  • Two examples :
  • Melon is an incredible antioxidant but it is not found in our cosmetics because we had already developed a spinach extract with a similar action that we have included in our products.


What is IN & OUT ?

IN & OUT is a new approach to beauty that combines (out) and dietary supplements (in) to take care of the skin.
We are used to taking care of our skin, but we must not forget that it is also an organ that receives nourishment from our diet.

For the best possible results, it is therefore necessary to nourish it from the outside as well as the inside !

How does it work ?

The active ingredients are assimilated differently depending on whether they are ingested or applied to the skin and act in synergy. The out has an instantaneous and medium-term action, while the in acts in the medium and long term. It is necessary to give the cells time to renew themselves to see the effects.

The in and the out are both effective on their own, but their effects are increased tenfold when used together.


To which countries do we deliver ?

We currently deliver exclusively to metropolitan France and not overseas french departments and territories via our website cultiv-cosmetique.fr. We are working on international shipping options.

Please contact us if you would like us to ship to your country.

What are our delivery options ?

You can receive your parcel in 2 to 5 working days via 2 delivery methods :
- Delivery to your home by Colissimo
- Delivery to a Colissimo pick up point
Free shipping for orders over 45€ ! Below that threshold, delivery will be charged 4,90€.

How do I get free shipping ?

It is automatically offered as soon as the order totals 45 € or over.
PS: this corresponds to the purchase of an IN and an OUT product !

Did you include the wrong delivery address ?

It is not possible to change the delivery address once your package has been shipped. We will return it to you once it is returned to us by the carrier. On the other hand, if it has not yet shipped, contact us quickly !


Why subscribe to the newsletter ?

First of all, rest assured that we respect the privacy of our customers and we promise not to flood your inbox.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you will receive several types of emails :

  • Promotional offers
  • Information about our products, our newness, our events, our collaborations, our new distribution or supplier partnerships.
  • Information on the in&out concept, organic cosmetics, our products and our team.

And do not worry, it is possible to unsubscribe from the newsletter by unchecking the box "I want to receive the Cultiv newsletter" in the "personal information" section of your account. There may be a short delay before this change is effective. You will still receive information about your orders and personal data.

How do I unsubscribe ?

  • Go to the "Personal information" section
  • Uncheck the "Newsletter" box
  • Saves the changes.

Emails relating to your orders will of course continue to be be sent to you.


What payment methods are available ?

We offer payment by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, MasterCard). Payment is made via the secure payment service provider Stripe.

Is the payment secure ?

The payment on our site is made via the payment provider Stripe which is perfectly secure. Your banking data is encrypted and is never known or saved by Cultiv.


Is the packaging recyclable ?

Yes, and we strongly encourage you to recycle !

Face cream :
100% recyclable if your council has switched to extended sorting instructions 
Face serum : bottle to recycle in the trash can for glass, pipette to throw away.
Gummies & Capsules : 100% recyclable. Separate the lid from the jar before recycling.
Micellar water : 100% recyclable bottle and lid. Remove the lid from the bottle before recycling.
Cleansing milk : 100% recyclable bottle, pump to throw away. Separate the 2 pieces before recycling them.

We appreciate we are not perfect yet, but we are constantly looking for more sustainable solutions.

Why is some packaging slightly greyer ?

Because we have chosen to integrate as much recycled plastic as possible into our packaging! This solution seemed the best to us because it reduces the number of new waste put into circulation using plastic already available on the planet.

So yes our packs are not all completely white, but we assumed, that like us, you were going to adopt them.

  • Face cream : 50% recycled tube
  • Gummies : 100% recycled plastic jar
  • Micellar water & cleansing milk : 50% recycled bottle 
  • Capsules : we're working on it 

Thanks to improvements of recycling subsidiaries and the better offering at packaging manufacturers, we will be able to continue to increase our percentages of recycled plastic, while preserving the quality of our products.

Why not use bioplastic packaging ?

The bioplastic is derived from sugar cane ethanol produced in Brazil. Perfectly white, it has the advantage of not deriving from oil but it crosses the Atlantic and it is 100% waste, as it cannot degrade naturally and must be recycled like any plastic derived from oil.

We therefore whose recycled plastic to limit waste creation. 

How does your packaging limit the ecological impact ?

We promote a maximum of recycled plastic in our tubes, bottles and jars, which gives them a slight shade of grey.

We have eliminated all our outer packaging, except the small cardboard boxes to pack our products.

Our products are delivered in a recyclable cardboard box adapted to the size of the products. The products are packed in a recycled, recyclable and unprinted kraft bag. The labels are printed with vegetable inks.


Are the face products suitable for sensitive skin?

Our products have been developed to suit all skin types. For the more sensitive skin, we have specifically formulated our face cream without fragrance and without any allergens to ensure high tolerance.

What is the cutaneous oxidative stress?

This term refers to harmful impact of free radicals, the daily waste caused by cells, accumulating in skin tissue. Daily aggressions on the skin (pollution, food, tobacco, etc.) lead to an overproduction of free radicals your body cannot eliminate. These free radicals will then oxidize the essential elements of cells (DNA, proteins, lipids). Result? Ageing signs intensify: the skin loses its radiance and elasticity and wrinkles proliferate.

Do the products protect against blue light?

We have developed a range of products to protect skin against the harmful effects of blue light, by combining active ingredients found in plants such as melon SOD or spinach lutein, for their antioxidant effectiveness against free radicals or external aggressions including blue light. To prove this, we have carried out many tests with independent laboratories.

Do the products protect against UV rays?

Our products do not contain UV filters but they do contain antioxidant vegetable active ingredients that trap free radicals produced by blue light. Our clinical tests prove the effectiveness of the antioxidant properties in our products, that protect your skin against the harmful effects of blue light responsible for skin ageing, that are similar to effects of UV light on your skin.

Are our products "clean"?

All our ingredients have been carefully chosen to be "clean" formulas therefore more transparent, more natural, more environmentally friendly, to create more effective and sensory products. Our cosmetics do not contain silicones, parabens, phenoxyethanol, nanoparticles, dyes or synthetic flavours. Our food supplements do not contain GMOs, pesticides and chemical treatments, dyes or chemical flavours. All our products are also organic certified.

What are the signs of dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated skin lacks radiance and sometimes results in an uncomfortable feeling of tightness and small fine lines sometimes appear. Dehydrated skin as the name suggests is thirsty. This loss of hydration is often caused by external factors such as the cold, blue light, pollution ... causing a significant loss of water.

The hydrolipidic film on the upper layer of the skin (epidermis) acts as a natural shield. If this natural barrier is altered, the water present in the deeper layers of the skin can no longer circulate to the epidermis. It can therefore no longer play its role and the skin tissue ends up being dehydrated.

Dehydrated skin is a temporary problem that can be improved with proper care.

Can the products prevent the first signs of skin ageing?

Our products provide a solution to any type of skin and even those that experience the first signs of skin ageing. They are all moisturizing and antioxidant and therefore effective against accelerated skin ageing of the skin.  All products have been clinically tested with an independent laboratory to prove their effectiveness.

Is the effectiveness of the products proven?

We use an independant laboratory for the organization and monitoring of all our efficacy tests for the entire product range. Our tests are performed on user panels of different ages and skin types with measuring tools such as corneometry performed by a dermatologist or on skin explant. Our objectivity is therefore maximum.

Is fragrance included in the product range?

Most of our products are fragrance-free and therefore without sensory constraints. The serum has a natural fragrance based on citrus fruits that contains potential allergens harmless to most people’s skin, only the most sensitive skin can potentially have a reaction. Both the hand cream and body milk contain a very sweet and allergen-free floral natural scent.

I have a dull and tired complexion, what should I choose?

We recommend starting with a mask to remove all impurities that make the complexion dull and to provide a good dose of moisturizing and antioxidant agents that will ensure smoother and more radiant skin. Then, you should pursue a daily routine of In&Out to ensure lasting skin radiance.

The serum also acts as a booster of radiance and hydration so this product should be applied morning and evening for 1 month minimum.

What is the difference between capsules and gummies?

We have chosen to offer you the same action so the same active ingredients and same dosages in 2 different galenic forms to please the gourmands and those in a hurry. The capsule is 100% vegetable and is to be taken with a large glass of water. The gummie is like a regular gum that combines the pleasure of the candy with the effectiveness of the dietary supplement. 100% vegetable also, it has glucose and is therefore not recommended for people who have a specific diet. The effectiveness is identical so you can switch between the two

How long does it take for visible results with the nutricosmetics?

We recommend doing a 3-month cure several times a year. It takes 2 months minimum to have effective results beacause the supplements act in the long term. Making the cure last 2 times 28 days, that is to say 2 cell cycles in a row, allows to trigger the "cellular memory": part of the benefits will last after finishing the cure.

At what time of the year should I take the course of food supplements?

The cure of capsules or gummies is a daily beauty routine that we recommend to do several times and at any time of the year.

What is the difference between micellar water and cleansing milk?

Both products remove make-up and clean the face, eyes and lips perfectly. Micellar water is a lotion that is more often suitable for combination to oily skin while cleansing milk has a creamy texture that is more suitable for sensitive and reactive skin. These two make-up removers are fragrance-free. 

Why apply a serum before a cream?

It is the first step to apply to clean skin before any cream so that its active ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin. The serum is very concentrated in active ingredients, it reactivates the natural hydration of the skin, protects it from oxidative stress, and ensures radiance. It acts as a powerful moisturizer and antioxidant.