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      Organically grown in France.

      Blackcurrant leaf has anti-inflammatory and sebum-regulating properties. The tannins have astringent properties that tighten the skin's pores. 

      Balancing and soothing, persimmon regenerates damaged tissue and accelerates healing. Its purifying action reduces acne flare-ups for smoother, healthier skin. 

      Regulates the flow of water between skin cells to maintain optimal hydration throughout the day. 

      A prebiotic, chicory contributes to the skin's microbial balance and restores the hydrolipidic film that protects the skin.

      Trio essentiel morning and evening routine: 

      Your skin is deeply cleansed, moisturized and mattified in just 3 steps thanks to a unique combination of active ingredients.

      Light textures :
      Discover our light, creamy textures. Precisely dosed formulas for a unique sensorial experience and proven effectiveness.

      Morning and evening routine : 
      A purifying routine ideal for combination to oily skin. In the morning, the trio wakes up your skin and moisturizes it for the day. In the evening, it soothes and purifies.

      Take a dab of CLEAN-PURE cleansing gel and massage it into your damp face for about 1 minute. After drying, apply 1 squeeze of your PURE-BOOST serum over your entire face, as well as the PURE-PROTECT cream.

      We recommend you follow this routine daily, morning and night, to benefit from the best results. 

      Skin type : 
      Combination to oily 

      Suitable for sensitive skin : 
      Their skin-friendly formulas contain just the right dose of active ingredients. Our products are fragrance-free except for the serum, which contains natural fragrances (linalool and limonene).


      The PURE ESSENTIEL routine is ideal for those who want to regain clear, healthy skin. It contains the 3 essentials for your morning and evening routine. 

      - 1 fragrance-free CLEAN-PURE cleansing gel for deep cleansing 
      - 1 PURE-BOOST purifying and rebalancing serum 
      - 1 mattifying face cream for shine-free hydration

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      FAQ - PURE Essentiel Routine

      Le sérum purifiant PURE-BOOST peut s'utiliser dès l'adolescence. 

      Sa formule clean non comédogène et sa texture gélifiée le rendent léger pour un effet seconde peau. 

      Oui, le sérum PURE-BOOST a été conçu spécifiquement pour les peaux mixtes à grasses. 

      Il ne contient pas d'agents comédogènes et sa texture gélifiée est non grasse pour limiter les brillances. Ses actifs possèdent des vertus anti-inflammatoire, anti-imperfections et astringente pour retrouver une peau nette et purifiée. 

      Un sérum est un soin concentré en principes actifs. 

      Le sérum PURE-BOOST a pour propriétés de resserrer les pores de la peau, de réveiller l'éclat de la peau et de diminuer les imperfections. Son utilisation quotidienne vous permettra d'améliorer naturellement l'état de votre peau. 

      Oui, le sérum purifiant contient un parfum naturel légèrement fruité qui s'estompe très rapidement sur la peau après application. 

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